The Principles of C.R.A.P. 2020: Alignment


I can name the Principles of Design and describe what they mean by correctly responding to questions in a check for understanding form so I can effectively identify when these principles are (or are not) being used in a published work.


Topics Discussed:

  • Principles of Design
  • Alignment


  1. Today we will focus on the principle of Alignment (lining objects up along a horizontal or vertical visual line).
  2. Once again, pay close attention to the examples presented so you can see how Alignment works to help organize and clarify published documents.
  3. Complete the Google Form titled “Alignment Chapter Questions” in today’s Google Classroom post to show that you understand what we read today.
  4. As always, I will be available if you have any questions or need any assistance!

Assigned: August 12th, 2020
Teacher Pacing Due Date: August 13th, 2020