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Redesigning an Advertisement Project 2019


I can demonstrate my understanding of the principles of design and typography by re-designing an ugly or boring real-world flyer advertisement so I can help make the campus a more beautiful and interesting place to read important messages.


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Topics Discussed:

  • InDesign Page Layout
  • Horizontal Width
  • Vertical Width
  • Document Grid
  • Snap to Grid
  • Margins and Columns
  • Principles of Design (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity)


Let’s face it. There’s a lot of ugly flyers on the walls of this campus.

If they’re not ugly, they’re just plain and boring. Regardless, nobody pays attention to them and that completely defeats the purpose of a flyer. With all that you’ve learned about design, there’s no reason why you couldn’t improve on the ugly, boring, attention-starved flyers littering the walls of this school and help make the campus a more beautiful place to live and read.


  • Open a new InDesign document. Use the standard default Letter paper size and .25″ margin settings.
  • Create a new folder with your name on it and save all files and images in the same folder as the InDesign document.
  • Select a flyer from the front table, and use everything that you’ve learned about typography, page layout and the Principles of Design to improve on its design. Make it better than it was before!
  • You must use all the text on the page and re-type it exactly as it appears on the page. You may not use any of the typefaces or images on the original page.
  • You may download fonts from the web, as long as they are free for personal use.
  • Go out on the Internet and find one or more pictures that you can use to recreate the ad. Make sure they are of appropriate size and quality, and are not watermarked or otherwise labeled.
  • These will be printed on a black and white printer (Printing lots of color copies is expensive!), so you may only use black, white and shades of gray in your design.
  • You must save the images you find in the assignment folder, and place them in InDesign. DO NOT copy and paste them or drag them directly from the web browser into InDesign.
  • Use search engines like Google Image Search to look for images. Your pictures don’t have to be an exact match for the ad, but you’ll want to find something relevant to the flyer’s message.
  • Turn on your grids and use the Snap to Grid setting to align your images and text. Leave at least one square of space between all images and text.
  • Have your completed ad checked by Mr. Marmolejo, export the ad as a High Quality PDF file, and upload it to the Google Classroom assignment post entitled “Redesigning an Advertisement Project 2019” by end of class on Thursday, October 3rd.
  • Remember that Friday is the end of the term, so all past due assignments will be due on Thursday, October 3rd as well. Late work will not be accepted on Friday, October 4th, so plan accordingly!

Assigned: October 1st, 2019
Teacher Pacing Due Date: October 3rd, 2019

Intro to Typography – Helvetica Reflection 2019

Last week, we watched the movie Helvetica, which explores not only the history and development of the Helvetica typeface and typography and design in general, but also explores the dichotomy between the adherence to established principles of design and the desire to express one’s stylistic individuality and vision. To further explore these ideas, please visit my Google Classroom page, and open the attached Google Form to answer the questions provided.


  • I can reflect on the concepts and ideas introduced in the movie Helvetica by expressing my ideas in a brief reflective writing exercise.

Vocabulary Words:

  • Typeface
  • Modernism
  • Post-Modernism
  • Rational
  • Humanistic


Helvetica Film Website: https://www.hustwit.com/helvetica

Google Classroom

Topics Discussed:

  • Modernism
  • Grid Design
  • Rational
  • Post-Modernism
  • Humanist


  1. Visit my Google Classroom to view the current assignment.
  2. Open the “Helvetica Reflection 2019” Form attached at the bottom of the latest post.
  3. Answer each of the questions in the document using complete sentences.
  4. You must have at least one complete sentence for each question in each prompt. (If you see two question marks, you need at least two sentences!)
  5. When you are finished, submit the form. If you need to go back and edit your answers, you can revisit the form page and change your answers anytime.
  6. Please submit this form to me before end of day on Tuesday, October 1st.
  7. When you are finished with this Helvetica Reflection assignment, you may work on any assignments that are past due.
  8. Remember that all past due assignments MUST be turned in before end of day on Thursday, October 3rd to receive credit.
  9. If you have completed all your assignments, the rest of the time is yours. Please use it wisely and quietly, and thanks for all your hard work this term!

Assigned: September 30th, 2019
Teacher Pacing Due Date: October 1st, 2019