Students will be able to use web resources to discover the meaning of colors, and the psychological effects of colors on people so that they can more effectively use color to communicate ideas in their designs.

Web Links:

Color Matters: The Meanings of Colors:

Color Meaning, Symbolism and Psychology:

Topics Discussed:

  1. Color Theory
  2. Semiotics


Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and how they are used. Use the websites below to read about the meanings and symbolism of the colors we have been discussing in class:

Read about the symbolism and meanings of the warm colors Red, Orange and Yellow, the cool colors Green, Blue, and Purple, the more-versatile-than-you-know Pink, and the neutral colors Black, Brown, White, and Grey. We will discuss these meanings in class.

  1. Follow along with the class presentation on the meanings of colors.
  2. Visit the Google Classroom page, and take a look at the most recent assignment posts. There will be a post with an attached Google Form for each of the above listed hues.
  3. For each of the above listed hues, complete the following:
    1. At least one complete sentence describing some things associated with the color.
    2. At least one complete sentence describing some of the psychological associations with the color.
    3. At least one complete sentence describing a fun fact you learned about the color.
  4. You may use the Color Wheel you designed in our previous assignment as a guide to the hues, and you may copy and paste information from the provided websites.
  5. We will complete the Warm Colors this week, and move on to the Cool Colors next week and continue this unit through to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Assigned: April 15th, 2021
Teacher Pacing Due Date: April 16th, 2021