Students will demonstrate their understanding of Graphic Design principles and software by completing the final comprehensive exam.


Topics Discussed:

  • Computer Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design Principles
  • Vectr Online
  • Photopea Online


  • Click the link, and look for today’s assignment post containing the link to the Final Exam.
  • This exam is primarily multiple choice, with dropdown selections. Please read and follow the instructions in each section of the exam.
  • This is a comprehensive exam, covering the Principles of Design, the Vectr Online Tools and Interface and the Photopea Online Tools and Interface.
  • This is an open-resource exam. You may use any online resources available to you including lessons, online applications and websites, but you may not communicate with your classmates. Please remain silent until everyone has completed the exam.
  • You have ninety (90) minutes to complete the exam. Be sure to submit your test answers before the end of the class period today.
  • Congratulations on completing Computer Graphic Design 1-2! Thanks for all your hard work this semester!
    • Graduating Seniors: Congratulations, and good luck in your future pursuits! I know the skills you have acquired in this class serve you well, no matter what the path ahead holds for you. Don’t forget to use your C.R.A.P. in whatever you create, and may your results never look like actual crap.
    • Returning Students: See you next week, where you will have time to complete and turn in any outstanding make up work until 10:30am on Wednesday, May 13th when my final grades will be submitted!

I know with a certainty the skills and knowledge you have acquired in this class will help you with your continued Computer Science studies, especially in Mrs. Delgado’s Advanced Media Imaging and Multimedia classes.

No matter what you do, or where you go, good design and good visual communication skills will make everything you create easier to read and nicer to look at.

Keep moving forward with your studies of visual communication and graphic design, and keep helping to make the word a more beautiful place!

Assigned: May 14th, 2021
Due Date: May 14th, 2021