Adobe Illustrator – Introduction to Illustrator 2020

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, and Welcome to Adobe Illustrator!

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard vector graphics drawing program, and my favorite application in the Adobe Suite. We are going to spend the next couple of weeks getting comfortable with the program and exploring its capabilities. We are also going to explore color theory, symbolism and expressive typography in the weeks to come, so prepare yourself with the following week’s exercises!

Let’s get started with a quick test to see what you already know about Illustrator, and a little bit about what you have to discover about the beauty and power of vector graphics.

Then we’ll begin our journey by exploring the Illustrator workspace, and learning about some of the new tools, palettes and control panels that are unique to vector art rendering.


Students will demonstrate their initial proficiency with Adobe Illustrator through a diagnostic pre-test.

Student-Friendly Learning Target:

I can show what I already know about Adobe Photoshop by taking the Illustrator pre-test.

Video Link:

How to Create a New Document:

Topics Discussed:

  • Start a new document in Illustrator CC using the Welcome screen.
  • Adjust settings in the New Document dialog box.
  • Establish multiple artboards.


  • Visit our Google Classroom and take the Illustrator Pre-Test.
  • Remember, this is a pre-test, so do your best to answer all the questions, but don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. That’s what you’re here to learn.
  • Submit your test answers before the end of the class period today.
  • Make sure you mark the assignment as “Done” when you finish to confirm that you took the test.
  • Create a new Illustrator Web document with four default-sized artboards. Save this document as “YOURNAME – Illustrator Week 1”. We will use this document throughout the week to practice with the basic drawing tools.

Assigned: January 6th, 2020
Teacher Pacing Due Date: January 7th, 2020