Adobe Photoshop 2019 – Rose Filters

I can effectively utilize the capabilities of Filters in Adobe Photoshop.  

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Topics Discussed:

  • Filter Gallery
  • Destructive Edit


Click on the picture of the pretty white rose at the bottom of this page to open the full-size copy, and save the full-size copy to your desktop. The file should be called “justrose.jpg”. Open this file in Photoshop.

Open the Filter Gallery (Filters menu -> Filter Gallery) and search through the available filters, noting the Properties panel on the right hand side for each. See how each filter affects the image, and play with the Properties sliders and controls to see how the Properties affect the filter.

Look through all the filters, and pick five that you particularly like. Remember these five for the next part of the project; write them down on a piece of paper if it helps you remember the names of the filters.

Change the rose photo using one of your favorite filters. Save the picture as a JPEG with the name of the filter you used (For example: ”Colored pencils.jpg”). Note that when you apply this filter, it will permanently change the image (unlike the Adjustment Layers that we studied earlier this week). This is known as a Destructive Edit, because it will permanently alter the image when you save the JPEG document.

Open a new copy of “justrose.jpg” and repeat this process four more times, with a different filter each time. You should have five pictures, each with a different filter, when you are done.

Design a composition in InDesign using your five different pictures. One picture should be bigger than the rest (The focal point or “dominant image”).

Pick out your favorite filter image to make the dominant image. Fill up the page with the pictures. Near each picture (using Proximity!), use the Type tool to write a caption with the name of the filter you used.

When finished, save the file as <your name>.filters.indd, create a new folder with your name, place your InDesign file and all five of the rose pictures inside it and upload all the files to the “Rose Filters 2019” assignment post on our Google Classroom page.



Assigned: October 29th, 2019

Teacher Pacing Due Date: October 30th, 2019