Adobe Animate – Final “Pac-Man” Animation


  • Produce an original HTML5 animation using the Adobe Animate tools and techniques studied in class.

Student-Friendly Objective:

  •  I can produce a complete HTML5 animation featuring Pac-Man.


Topics Discussed:

  • For a complete list of Topics Discussed, please see the previous lessons.


  • First, create a new 800 x 600 HTML5 animation running at 30fps.
  • Use File -> Import -> Import to Stage or the “Pin Library” techniques demonstrated in class to move the “Pac Man” graphic symbol, and any other symbols that you wish to use in your animation.
  • Using the Adobe Animate CC techniques studied in class, design an HTML5 animation using motion  tweens and embedded animation to have Pac-Man “wocka” as he moves onto the stage, performs some action, then leaves the stage. Take a look at the Pac-Man Intermissions YouTube video above for inspiration!
  • Your animation must be a minimum of 8 seconds long, without titles. (That’s at least 240 frames at 30fps!)
  • Your animation should have a basic story that should be obvious to the viewer. What kind of story can you tell with Pac-Man? What other characters will you need to add to tell your story? Will you need to use text or word bubbles to create dialogue? Remember that Pac-Man must enter the stage, perform his action, then leave the stage. Depending on the story you want to tell, 8 seconds may not be enough!
  • Your animation should have at least one original background. You may use a background that you produced on your own, or you may use an original photograph (one you took on your own). You may not use any photographs downloaded from the internet. Alternately, you may draw your own background in Illustrator, Animate, or Photoshop.
  • Your animation should have an audio soundtrack. I will provide music clips to use, but you may import music that you have available as long as you use less than 8 seconds of music. You may create sounds using Garageband if you have experience with this software.
  • You may only use images and text that you have created yourself. This includes artwork, photographs and animations. You may, however, use downloaded audio under fair use guidelines if the clip you place is shorter than 8 seconds. Anything else that you did not create yourself may not be used.
  • When your animation is complete, save it as “YOUR NAME – Final Animation.fla”.
  • Seniors: Turn the finished .fla Animation file  to the Google Classroom “Final Animation” assignment post by end of day on Friday, May 17th.
  • Underclassmen: You may turn in the finished .fla Animation file to the Google Classroom “Final Animation” assignment post by end of day on Monday, May 20th.
  • Everyone will be taking a multiple-choice final exam on Friday, May 17th. Seniors who complete the exam early may use the remaining time to turn in their Final Animation, if necessary.
  • All completed movies will be viewed at an in-class film presentation on May 21st and 22nd.
  • You must have an 8-second movie to present by end of day on Monday, May 20th, bearing in mind that Tuesday and Wednesday the 22nd and 23rd are half-days where we will be watching the finished products together. Failure to have a movie to present on the half-day Presentation Days will result in an “zero” on your final project grade.

Do your best, and good luck!

Assigned: May 8th, 2019
Due Date: May 22nd, 2019