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Fall 2014 – 16 – Photoshop Practicum

I can use Photoshop to assemble a single, convincing composite image from multiple images.


See the file entitled “PhotoshopPracticum2014.pdf” in the folder named “16 – Photoshop Practicum” in the Student Pickup Folder for detailed instructions.
Topics Discussed:

  • Layers
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Clipping Masks
  • Selection Tools
  • Arrange Documents
  • Composite Image

This is an assessment of your understanding of the Photoshop techniques we have studied over the past two weeks, as well as your ability to follow written instructions. Follow the instructions in the “PhotoshopPracticum2014.pdf” document. Save your final result to a new folder with your name on it, and place this folder in the “16 – Photoshop Practicum” folder by Friday, October 31st. On Wednesday next week, we will review the techniques required to complete this assignment and make any corrections to the final result. These will be saved into the “16 – Photoshop Practicum” folder as well.


Fall 2014 – 14 – Rose Filters


I can effectively utilize the capabilities of Filters in Adobe Photoshop.


Video Link:

None. See folder #14 in the Student Pickup Folder for more details.


Topics Discussed:

  • Filter Gallery
  • Destructive Edit



Open the file “justrose.jpg” in Photoshop. Change the photo using five different filters. Save each picture individually saving it with the name of the filter you used (For example: ”Colored pencils.jpg”). Design a composition in InDesign using your five different pictures. One picture should be bigger than the rest (The focal point or “dominant image”). Pick out your favorite filter image to make the dominant image. Fill up the page with the pictures. Near each picture (using Proximity!), use the text tool to write a caption with the name of the filter you used. When finished, save the file as <your name>.filters.indd, create a new folder with your name, place your InDesign file and all five of the rose pictures inside it and copy the entire folder to the “14 – Rose Filters” folder in the Student Drop Folder.
Assigned: October 21st, 2014
Due Date: October 22nd, 2014