Spring 2014 – Logo Design Day 2

Objective: To further investigate the six principles of good logo design.

Student Friendly Objective: I can identify and explain the six principles of good logo design.

Web Link:


Topics Discussed:

  • Six principles of good logo design
  • simplicity
  • distinctiveness
  • relevance
  • memorability
  • timelessness
  • versatility



Review the Logobird website to identify and define the six principles of good logo design. A good logo should be: simple, distinctive, relevant, memorable, timeless, and versatile. Use the website to determine the meanings of these terms and add these words and their definitions to your vocabulary list. We will review these definitions and apply them next week as we explore the logo design process.

    1. Create a new Web document in Illustrator with a single default-sized artboard.
    2. For each of the six principles:
      1. Create a headline in Point Type with the vocabulary word itself
      2. Use Area Type to write the definition of the vocabulary word. Use complete sentences and your own words (do not copy and paste).
  1. You should have a headline and a complete sentence definition for each of the six principles of good logo design. Save this document and place a copy in folder number 31 in your period’s subfolder of the Student Drop Folder on the StudentsTempFiles server.

Assigned:March 5th, 2014

Due: March 6th, 2014